XCaliber in looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer

+ 10 nationalities                     Offices in Malta and Poland         +60 staff


XCaliber is a tight-knit Technology team with offices in Malta and Poland. We collaborate to produce some of the most innovative technology in the iGaming industry. 

You will get to work with the most cutting-edge technology and forward thinking colleagues. The environment is not without its demands, but it adds to a dynamic team of individuals. On a daily basis, the team is in direct contact with the team in Malta and collaboration is encouraged with occasional business trips to the different offices.

There are a lot of plus points to working at XCaliber Poland including:


MultiSports Plus card                  Luxmed Comfort Plus                  Flexible working hours        

Competitive salary                  Shared car parking                  Central office                        

Conference / trainings budget                  Calendar of social events


Agile methodology and SCRUM is all the team knows how to work in. If this sounds right up your street and you are interested in working with desktop and mobile applications, we’d like to hear from you.


$ ssh jobs@cherrygroup.com
jobs@cherrygroup.com's password:

jobs@cherrygroup.com ~ $ man devops


devops – responsible for everything that may or may not have to do with the system you're using. Portmanteau of “Development” and “Operations”.



devops [OPTION]... [FILE]...



devops takes care of managing and maintaining our award winning gaming platform and application stacks. Must be supplied with coffee and chocolate in order to function properly, and must possess a flair for innovation and cutting edge technologies.

devops is part of an elite movement which works well with developers by providing them with the right systems (backups, monitoring, logging) and tools (deploy and automation scripts) to focus on building great software. With devops, the developer is likely to deploy 30 times more frequently than their competitors and 50 percent fewer of their deployment fail.

With no flags, devops reads its standard input up to an EOF, applies serious Linux chops and tries script it with Python or any other scripting language given in the argument. When invoked with the -w option, devops reads standard input and responds according to terms of job description.



-O --operations

causes the devops to switch to operations mode. In this mode the devops will manage scalable and maintainable infrastructure. Everything is automated with salt stack and the infrastructure is treated as code. Serious Linux chops and Python/Bash-Fu skills are enabled.


-D --developer

causes the devops to switch to developer mode. In this mode the devops will understand the entire development process and tools required to make developers highly productive. In this mode, the developers are able to deploy 30 times more frequently.


-d --database

causes the devops to switch to database mode. In this mode the devops will manage the MySQL databases, slaves and backups.


-M --monitoring

causes the devops to switch to monitoring mode. In this mode the devops will monitor the entire stack using logstash, graphite and nagios.


-H --hardcore

causes the devops to switch to hardcore mode. In this mode the devops will function in all the above modes at the same time. Due to high brain activity it is advised to use this option with caution.


-b --beer

causes the devops to switch to beer mode. This is an automatically scheduled mode triggered every Friday at 6pm.



The -b option should not be used with a version of devops which is not capable of parsing free flowing beer in a large sunny penthouse terrace.


JOB TITLE: Senior DevOps Engineer


JOB PURPOSE: Research, implement, maintain and support operation’s IT strategy. Contribute to the implementation of best practices within the IT Department. Working very closely with the CTO and the Development team, the DevOps Engineer will be responsible for facilitating the latest technologies whilst maintaining the online gaming infrastructure up to the highest standards and availability.


REPORTING TO: DevOps Engineer - Team Lead